Good news for the latest drugs to fight the new type of pneumonia

On February 15, zhejiang haizheng pharmaceutical co., LTD. 's "faveravir" (formerly known as "fapiravir") was officially approved by the National Medical Products Administration to be listed on the market.


This is the first drug with potential curative effect for new coronary pneumonia approved for market in China during the epidemic, and it will play an important role in the prevention and control of the epidemic.


In the prevention and control of new coronavirus pneumonia, in addition to the application of modern western medicine technology, traditional Chinese medicine, which has been inherited for thousands of years, also plays an important role.


In the fourth trial edition of "pneumonia diagnosis and treatment program for novel coronavirus infection", the prescription composition and dose of traditional Chinese medicine treatment program were determined for the first time.


The comprehensive solution quwen granule (formerly known as "pneumonia no.1 fang") declared by the eighth people's hospital of guangzhou has the curative effect of improving the clinical symptoms of the new coronavirus pneumonia (mild cases) and possibly reducing the occurrence trend of severe pneumonia, and has been included in the emergency approval procedure for approval of conditional filing.


The drug will be used in 30 designated hospitals in guangdong. At present, the drug has been entrusted to Guangdong Yifang Pharmaceutical Co., Ltd for production preparation. Yifang Pharmaceutical is affiliated to China Traditional Chinese Medicine Holdings Co. Limited (“China TCM”), a subsidiary of China National Pharmaceutical Group Co., Ltd. (Sinopharm). (Sinopharm is the parent company of Reed Sinopharm Exhibition, the NHNE sponsor)


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