New drink fashion to refresh your taste bud

China is the birthplace of tea culture. Deeply rooted in Chinese people’s life, tea is an important carrier to inherit the Chinese culture. In the past, it was complicated to make tea, which cannot meet young people’s needs to pursue a simple lifestyle. As a result, tea bags are much favored by the post-90s generation.


Kombucha: a booster to functionalize tea drinking


With several years’ history in China, Kombucha is a hot property now in America and European countries, with many Hollywood super stars being its big fans. As a kind of classical fermented tea, it contains probiotics, organic acid and other stances which play positive roles in keeping human intestinal tracts healthy.


New coffee power


More and more people around the world take a fancy to coffee. No matter at home, at the office, or in various social places, drinking coffee is becoming a synonym of high-quality life. As the western culture enters China, fast-paced life has brought an opportunity for coffee to develop. Office workers would drink coffee in Starbucks or other cafes, to strengthen their commercial relations or personal relations.


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