Appearance first: quality life on its way

Quality life of light middle class


It is estimated by iResearch that, light middle class population with minor individuals in middle class families included will reach to 350 million by the year 2020. Light middle class population is featured by high income, high consumption and high debt. Meanwhile, they are keen on high-quality life, so they appreciate products with higher cost performance, better appearance and higher value-added.


Enable your nutrition aesthetics, tiny but pretty brands become a hotspot


Different from big brands who develop on a large scale, tiny but pretty, personalized and characteristic brands are born to meet the diversified emotional needs of mainstream consumers and foster the advantages of accuracy and agility.


Exquisite life in Moments


Updating Moments has become one of people’s daily must-dos. Those pictures with elaborate composition, exquisite shooting and high-grade filter seem to be displaying others’ fine life. Many people record their life in Moments. For them, it’s enough to hide the brutal reality and display the perfect themselves in Moments. Therefore, good-looking consumer goods achieve a strong sense of presence in Moments, as they are essential for people with appearance complex to get closer to exquisite life.


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