WHO: China's health system responds effectively to outbreaks

A number of people from various fields in the international community said that China has made great efforts to control the outbreak and made great contributions to the world.


China's efforts to "control the outbreak at its source" are encouraging and have bought the world time, Tandesay ,the chief of WHO said on February 15.Tandesay also stressed that the international community's biggest enemy in dealing with the current outbreak is not the new coronavirus itself, but the stigmatization of opposition.


Michael Ryan, head of the WHO's Health Emergency Programme, stressed on 14 February that the Chinese government has always worked closely with the who in its response to the outbreak, and that the global response should be based on facts rather than speculation. He also said that China's health system is well developed and can provide a high level of intensive care. Considering that 90 to 100 percent of patients in hospitals today require supplemental oxygen, 20 to 25 percent require intensive care, and 5 to 10 percent require some level of mechanical ventilation (ventilator) treatment, this is a high demand on the health system.


Keeping so many patients alive is a tremendous achievement. If the disease had emerged in areas with weak health systems and no such capacity to treat it, it might not have been as it is now. Because China has a well-established health system, most patients present with milder symptoms.


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