NHNE’s First Forum on China’s Market Entry Strategy for

Foreign Dietary Supplements


In recent years, the Chinese market for nutritional health products has been developing rapidly. The relevant data shows that the market size of health products in China reached USD 36 billion in 2017, of which nutritional supplements approached USD 21 billion, representing an annual growth rate of 20%. China will soon become the world's largest consumer market for health products.


The Chinese market for nutritional health products, which features a large consumer group and high consumption demand, has been gaining favor from more and more overseas brands. With the formal implementation of the Management Method for the Registration and Filing of Health Products, the application for the registration of any nutritional supplement can be submitted as long as it meets the requirements of the ‘Raw Materials List’, and thus the process of entering the market is dramatically shortened. On January 25th, the first application for registration was approved; on January 27th, the website of the Health Products Review Center announced the registration information of 17 kinds of imported health products. It is reported that a number of other products are being examined, and nutritional supplements will be imported to China in a faster manner.


In order to meet the needs of overseas brands to open up the Chinese market and help distributors explore business opportunities for overseas nutritional health products, we will hold the Summit Forum for the entry of overseas nutritional health products into China. We will invite market consulting, investment and financing institutions to elaborate on the status quo and future opportunities of the Chinese market for nutritional health products; we will also invite industry experts and terminal markets to comprehensively study how overseas nutritional health products (e.g. dietary supplements) enter the Chinese market, with the aim of providing professional business solutions for international trade in nutritional health products.


Time: 9:00-17:00, April 11th, 2018, Wed.


Venue: Conference Room M6-02, National Exhibition and Convention Center (Shanghai)


Organizer: Reed Sinopharm Exhibitions Co., Ltd., Shuzheng Health (Beijing) Commercial Consultation Co., Ltd.


Participants: overseas brands, distributors, terminal dealers, investment & financing institutions, etc.


Number of attendees: 100


Languages: Chinese and English




  Conference Agenda




The host's address


About Data: The Current Situation and Trend of the Chinese Market for Vitamin Dietary Supplements and Nutritional Sports Products

Guest Speaker: Oliver GE, Customer Manager of Cosmetics and Health Products at Euromonitor International (Shanghai) Co Ltd.


About Rules: The N Requirements for Nutritional Health Products to Gain Access to China

Guest Speaker: Li Peng, Director of Technical Regulations, Shuzheng Health


About Trade: Business Opportunities and Operation Rules for Imported Health Products

Guest Speaker: Oliver Jin, Managing Director, Beijing Olijin Trading Co,. Ltd.


About Capital :Leverage Capital to Invest and Acquire Foreign Brands for the Chinese Nutrition and Health Market

Guest Speaker:Shirley Huang,Founder & CEO,VISION AVENUE CONSULTING


About Channels: Analysis of Sales Channels of Imported Products and Placement Strategy in China

Guest Speaker: Qiu Jin, General Manager of Shanghai Guangyi International Trading Co., Ltd.


About Channels: Current Situation and Trend of Dietary Supplement E-commerce

Guest Speakers: Huo Chunyan, Director of Nutrition and Health at JD


About Experience: Advancing Online and Offline Strategic Placement through New Sales Channels

Guest Speaker: Jamirson


About Experience: Expanding E-business Channels and Sharing Experience in Online Product Operation

Guest Speaker: NOW FOODS


Happy Hour International Reception (By invitation)

Activity Place: Main Stage, Hall 6.2


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