Post Show Report

Post Show Report

Natural Health & Nutrition Expo (NHNE) is a special platform in China to gather industry players including whole sellers, distributors, chain drugstores and online pharmacies.

The Health Industry Summit 2018 (tHIS 2018) hosted by Reed Sinopharm Exhibitions was grandly opened at the National Exhibition and Convention Center (Shanghai) on April 11, 2018. Natural Health & Nutrition Expo (NHNE), as the flagship brand of tHIS in the field of nutrition and healthcare, with decades of experience and sustained development, has made a new breakthrough this time.

It has attracted thousands of domestic and international producers and brands, including Schiff, Now, Jamieson, New Chapter, Orthomol, H & B, Smarty Pants, Muscle Tech, Baihe Biotechnology, Guangdong Weishiya, Shandong Shenghai, BGI Precision Nutrition, Xuancheng Braveiy, and Guangzhou Fishburg. It exhibited products include healthcare foods, international functional foods, health foods, functional drinks, beauty foods, and the foods for special medical purpose (FSMPs). Additionally, more than one third of the latest dietary supplements (Blue Hat) was displayed on NHNE. Coinciding with the 79th PHARMCHINA, this two events shared about 120,000 dealers, agents and terminal buyers.

Visitor analysis

Types of visitors by business:

80% of visitors come from distributors and retailers

Visitor influence

73% of the professional visitors havedecision-making power and the right to make suggestions


Products concerned most by the visitors are concentrated in imported food and health food, health food (blue hat), health food / natural food

Exhibitor analysis

Types of visitors by business:

The products displayed by the exhibitors mainly include: Health food (include Blue Hat)

More than 95% of the exhibitors express their satisfaction with the results of the expo

87.4% of the exhibitors will participate in the next expo

Onsite activities

1.NHNE's First Forum on China's Market - Entry Strategy for Foreign Dietary Supplements

The Chinese market for nutritional health products, which features a large consumer group and high consumption demand, has been gaining favor from more and more overseas brands. With the formal implementation of the Management Method for the Registration and Filing of Health Products, the application for the registration of any nutritional supplement can be submitted as long as it meets the requirements of the ‘Raw Materials List’, and thus the process of entering the market is dramatically shortened. On January 25th, the first application for registration was approved; on January 27th, the website of the Health Products Review Center announced the registration information of 17 kinds of imported health products. It is reported that a number of other products are being examined, and nutritional supplements will be imported to China in a faster manner.

In order to meet the needs of overseas brands to open up the Chinese market and help distributors explore business opportunities for overseas nutritional health products, we will hold the Summit Forum for the entry of overseas nutritional health products into China. We will invite market consulting, investment and financing institutions to elaborate on the status quo and future opportunities of the Chinese market for nutritional health products; we will also invite industry experts and terminal markets to comprehensively study how overseas nutritional health products (e.g. dietary supplements) enter the Chinese market, with the aim of providing professional business solutions for international trade in nutritional health products.

2.Targeted Attendee Program

The Targeted Attendee refer to agents, dealers, wholesalers and managers or purchasing staff of e-commerce firms and trade companies in NHNE, who have clear purchasing intention or plans. We have established the Targeted Attendee Program to build the bridge for health and nutrition companies on the industry value chain. The exhibitors can have face to face conversation with buyers, so they can obtain the latest information of the health & nutrition industry. There were 242 purchasing managers from 124 companies on site. They have made 204 business conversations and concluded transitions valued around 23 million RMB in three months after the event.

Overall satisfaction with International Products Happy Hour Reception :94.36%

Overall satisfaction with Invited Buyer Program: 90.72%

Overall satisfaction of exhibitors: 82.48%

3.Promotion Conference of UK Healthcare and Nutrition Industry

The Reed Sinopharm Exhibition, the organizer of NHNE , handed with the Department for International Trade of UK and China-Britain Business Council(CBBC) to host the Promotion Conference of UK Healthcare and Nutrition Industry. During this conference, H&B, Shanghai Easynutra, Aland, Vitamin Planet and other brands were promoted. Besides, the event also organized talks among brands of UK health products, e-commerce dealers of health products in China, and chain pharmacy stores, etc

4.America Health Day

The Reed Sinopharm Exhibition, the organizer of NHNE, handed with the Commercial Office of US Consulate General in Shanghai to host the thematic activities of America Health Day, which would be make a platform for visitors in this show to discuss and exchange the ideas about the fields of nutrition industry. During this event, they talked about the topics like the trend of health product industry in US, the prospect of Sino-US trade of health products, the market development and channel tactics of health products in US and China, and the cross-border e-commerce of health products in US and China, and so on.

5.Showcase of Overseas Brands

To facilitate exchanges and interactions between famous overseas brands of health products and dealers in China, Showcase of Overseas Brands invited Garden of Life, Nutralab, Natural's Select, SGS, ENZOGENOL, Beautyology, Jamieson and Laboratoires Activa to the venue.

6.Happy Hour International Raffle Carnival

Happy Hour International Products Reception attracted 50 VIP participants from a few companies, e.g.,, Jilin Zi Tang Commerce & Trade Co., Ltd., Feihe International, ECMOHO, Cixi Jinrong Health Food Co., Ltd., Shandong Ben Fu Pharmacy Store Chain Co., Ltd., Suzhou Yidekang Commerce & Trade Co., Ltd., Ren Ren Kang Commerce & Trade Co., Ltd., Hebei De Han Health Management Co., Ltd., and Chinese Medicines (Guangzhou) Limited, etc. More than 20 business deals have been reached in the event.


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