Main Forum

Main Forum of the 19th China International Healthcare Expo (CIHE)

Revolution, innovation, upgrade, discovery

---the road of transformation under strict supervision

Dec.3,2019  1:30pm-5pm

Chongqing Yuelai International Convention Center Xinyue Hall

In 2019, China issued a series of policies and regulations to promote the construction and implementation of Health China strategy. Popularizing healthy lifestyle and strengthening health education are the top priorities for the health care industry to support the nation’s health construction.

China's health industry development has been experiencing standard development on a benign track. This year’s forum aims at further supporting the supervision of governmental departments on the market of the health food industry, leading the industry's normative development, promoting a smooth upgrade and transform of the industry’s marketing channels, and interpreting the policy trends concerned by the industry. 

Relevant administrative department heads, industry associations and well-known entrepreneurs will be invited to discuss the status quo and development direction of health care food, formula food for special medical purposes, and the development prospect and market management of the pension industry. They will also have dialogues and exchanges on relevant policies, market supervision and transformation, capital operation, and brand building to jointly explore new market development opportunities brought about by industry revolutions. Thus, it will provide guidance and reference for the industry development, business management and market innovation in the future.

1、The strict market supervision in 2019, and the exploration for future new opportunities

Guest to invite: relevant officials of State Administration for Market Regulation

2、R&D breakthrough, to explore the new vitality brought to lifecycle by nutrition formulation

Guest to invite: Yang Yuexin, president of Chinese Nutrition Society

3、Data analysis and outlook of the market of health care and nutrition industry in 2020, hot case studies

Guest to invite: Xu Huafeng, vice-president and secretary general of China Health Care Association

4、Innovation trend, transformation path of B2B new retail in nutrition and health industry

Guest to invite: Zhou Xinyuan, general manager of Life Department, JD

5、Direct selling and conference marketing enterprises transformation, clash between traditional retail and new retail

Guests to invite:

Leader of Social and E-commerce Department of Hangzhou Wahaha Group Co., Ltd

Leader of Strategy Department of Perfect (China) Co., Ltd

6、Capital and power energize the high-quality development of nutrition and health industry

Guest to invite: Dr Wang Huamin, CEO of Taide Group and deputy to Beijing Municipal People's Congress

7、Dialogues: analysis of market status quo in various places, R&D and market service demand, exploration of industry upgrade

Institutions to invite:

Sichuan Nutrition Society

Chongqing Nutrition Society

Health Care Food Profession Association of Guangdong Province

Health Care Food Profession Association of Yunnan Province

Zhejiang Health Products & Cosmetics Industry Association

Shenzhen Association for the Development & Promotion of Health Industry

Sichuan Health Care Association

Exhibitors of the event

Reed Sinopharm Exhibitions Co., Ltd.

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Financial Centre, No. 1-3, Xinyuan South Road,Chaoyang District,Beijing, China 100027

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