Peak supply of Thai durian to the Chinese market will begin next month

"The durian is already one of the more important fruits in the Chinese market, as their popularity gradually grew in the last few years. Consumer demand for durian is growing stronger every year. However, China is for the time being unable to grow durian as the weather and soil conditions are not suitable for durian plantation. China is therefore dependent on the import market to satisfy the growing consumer demand for durian. "We import durian from Thailand and sell them on the Chinese market to satisfy the enormous consumer demand for durian. This year's durian production volume in Thailand increased in comparison with last year. The larger production volume this year is mainly due to suitable weather conditions. The abundance of sunshine stimulates durian growth."


"Durian from Thailand will enter the market in bulk sometime next month. The first durian to enter the Chinese market this year came from production areas in the east of Thailand. The durian supply season in Chanthaburi Province begins in March and continues until June. The production volume in this area is the largest in April and May. The south of Thailand then takes over between June and August. Thailand takes advantage of the unique natural environment to provide a year-round supply of durian, as one of the few countries in the world to be able to do so. However, there are clear peaks and valleys in the year-round supply of Thai durian. The price is relatively low during the peak supply period, under regular conditions, because supply is abundant. Even so, our trade volume is not bad at all. We hope the rainfall will be limited, so that the product quality of durian is not compromised, and we hope that demand will remain stable."


"The most popular durian variety that we often import is the Mon Thong [Golden Pillow] durian. We import the Mon Thong durian from Thailand because the production volume of Mon Thong is relatively large. Furthermore, the Mon Thong durian has thick fruit flesh with small nucleus. This makes the Mon Thong extremely attractive to Chinese consumers. Other popular durian varieties include the following: Tuomanni, Kan Yao, and Chanee. In my opinion, durian demand is strong. If the flavor is good and the product quality is good, then durian can easily be sold for around 400 yuan [59.58 USD]. Chinese market demand for Thai durian is extremely large. And the durian are sold at different prices to satisfy the demand of different markets. Durian lovers are like smokers, they have a 'craving' and they will keep coming back."


"We import durian from Thailand and mainly sell them in the wholesale markets of Guangzhou, Jiaxing, Xi'an, Nanjing, Wenzhou, Wuhan, Nanchang, Ji'nan, Zhengzhou, and Beijing. Our company will launch two brands this year, "Zhenghui" and "True Thai Flavor". We will then sell our durian in packages labeled with our brand. This is an important point to us. We guarantee product quality from beginning to end, and our brands make it easier for consumers to find us and enjoy our top-quality durian."

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